Bicycle Touring with the family between Rovereto, Trento and Lake Garda

Bicycle Touring with the family between Rovereto, Trento and Lake Garda

The section of the Adige River Cycle Track linking Rovereto to Trento is perfect for cycling wth the family. The track is fairly wide even for a trolley so it is possible to face it even with very young children.

From Rovereto we head north through the village of Borgo Sacco passing in front of the ancient Manifattura Tabacchi. The track runs alongside long lines of vines that gently accompany you near the river.

Continuing, the bike path of the Adige River allows you to enjoy a wonderful view of Vallagarina and the numerous local castles. Particularly impressive is the structure of Castel Beseno dating back to the 12th century.

Along the track you will find an equipped Bicigrill from which you can see the castle very well. Another facility for cyclists is in Trento, shortly after the locality of Mattarello and near the small local airport. Both have a playground for children.

Biking in the city of Trento is not at all dangerous as you continue on a protected bicycle track. You reach the historic center by bike. Those who do not want to end here their journey can stay in the city for one night and, the next day, take advantage of the convenient BiciBus service that connects Trento to Lake Garda.

The bus stops at Sarche, about 20km north of the lake. From here begins a very panoramic cycle track that follows the course of the Sarca stream. The track, totally flat, wind through the valley between vineyards and olive groves. Particularly renowned locally is the production of vin santo.

You overcome the Marocche area and Fies’s former hydroelectric power plant. The Sarca torrent cycle track stops north of Dro, so you have to pedal for a few miles on the regular road.

To pay for the fatigue are the magnificent views of Lake Garda that can be admired from the ruins of the castle of Arco. The itinerary ends in Torbole, a sailing center of international significance.