Bicycle lights: types and models

Bicycle lights: types and models

Bicycle lights are a real security device: they help us see the road and show us to the cars. The bicycle lighting system is underestimated during the purchase of the vehicle. Perhaps because you think that you won’t use the bike at night as it is too dangerous, when actually taking the right precautions there is no reason for it.

There are various types and models on the market.

The dynamo, the most classic bicycle light, was a very noisy device that slowed the pedal and essentially did not light much. Today, however, it has evolved and its efficiency has improved a lot. The modern dynamo is placed in the wheel hub and in addition to producing adequate light, its energy can also be used to reload the navigator or the phone.
It is definitely quieter and does not slow down the pedal although it still needs friction to work.

The LED lights are perfect for being applied on the bike: they have a surprising durability, they are not affected by the vibrations and the light beam that emanates greatly illuminates.
They are useful for those who travel around the world for bicycles or for those who need to be noticed in city traffic.

Battery-powered lights do not light up as those attached to a dynamo, because as they discharge their intensity it decreases.
There are, however, rechargeable battery lights which thanks to LED technology also reach great distances perfectly illuminating the road. The more modern ones indicate the battery consumption on a display and therefore there is no risk of suddenly getting unlight.

Induction lights
These are lights without battery and no dynamo. They work with permanent magnets that are quite energy-generating enough to light the LED. They are very useful to be seen in city traffic day and night, but not intense enough to illuminate a tunnel or dark trail.