Here are the best foods to grow your muscles

Here are the best foods to grow your muscles

After training it is important to eat the right foods. Not only to keep fit and not to frustrate the efforts made, but also to ensure maximum performance as a result of energy, strength and muscle growth.
Let’s see what are the best foods to grow your muscles.

Like all legumes, lentils are rich in protein and fiber. 100 gr contain about half the recommended daily dose.

Eggs are a source of high quality protein because they are very similar to those naturally produced by our body and therefore easier to turn into muscle mass.

Linseed oil
Nutritional and rich omega 3 motion, important for the health of the heart and the brain.


Quinoa is an ideal cereal to be consumed after a workout. It is rich in magnesium, an important element for proper muscle contraction.

Ginger is the ideal way to strengthen your immune system and improve blood flow to your muscles.

Milk flakes
Hypohalorics, with many proteins and carbohydrates, milk flakes also contain an important amino acid that helps to sleep better.

An espresso is enough to recharge after workout, never abusing caffeine.

Blueberries are natural antioxidants, perfect to match with oats or white yogurt.

Nuts and seeds play an important role in muscle growth, they are rich in unprotected proteins and fats.