The benefits of the banana you didn’t know

The benefits of the banana you didn’t know

buccia-bananaDo you also have the habit of throwing fruit once become too mature? Well, several studies show that is the time when some fruits are more nutritious!

This is the case of banana. When the banana skin becomes covered with dark spots it means that the fruit has reached that stage of maturation ideal for strengthening our immune system. This feature of bananas is located in the “tumor necrosis factor” or TNF: this substance helps to carry healthy cells of our body into infected or inflamed areas by destroying already compromised cells and thus preventing cancer from expanding. This, combined with the high level of antioxidants contained in bananas, also helps to strengthen white blood cells.

In addition to these effects, regular banana consumption brings many other benefits:

Reduces blood pressure

Banana, thanks to its low sodium content and high potassium levels, helps keep blood pressure low while reducing the risk of ictus and heart attack. It’s a real panacea for the heart.


Diminish the heartburn

Banana works as an antacid for the stomach, even only one can help to reduce the burn.


It’s a source of iron

A rich iron feed helps to fight anemia. Among the recommended foods there is surely banana: it boosts blood by stimulating the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin.


It’s a source of energy

One or two bananas before a training session can give the strength needed to cope with physical effort. The few carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals contained in the banana provide energy for at least a couple of hours.


It’s healthy for the stomach

Being soft and light, bananas also help those who have ulcer to take vitamins and minerals without further damage to the stomach. The banana pulp protects the stomach walls from acids and irritations.


It helps to fight depression

Bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid that our body transforms into seotonin. This element is responsible for the improvement and balancing our mood.


It helps fight constipation

Since they contain many natural fibers, bananas facilitate a good intestinal function.


Relaxes the nerves

Eating two bananas when you are stressed or in bad mood con help you feel better. Banana helps regulate blood sugar and contains vitamin B, a natural tranquillizer.


Keeps body temperature under control

Consider the idea of eating a banana when out is very hot, it will help you control your body temperature. It’s also useful in case of fever.