Balance bikes: toy-tool for children

Balance bikes: toy-tool for children

Balance bike for children may seem like a toy, but they are actually an important tool that encourages mobility and independence. On the market you find various sizes, colors, materials and shapes, if you have decided to take one for your boy or your girl there is plenty of choice.

The best time to start experimenting with the balance bicycle depends on various factors. First of all by the height of the child, therefore by the confidence gained in walking and its balance skills.

Approaching the bike will be gradual. Usually children tend to use it to support themselves in the walk, and later they also try to ride on the saddle. When depends on the kid and his/her abilities.
Once learned to handle the handlebar carefully and to sit properly, the children begin to push with their feet and then take speed. When they begin to lift their feet from the ground and stay in balance for a few seconds, they have already learn to ride bicycles.

Due to the small size of balance bicycles, the first short trips can also be made at home. Once gained more confidence with the bike you can extend the radius and increase the speed of the trips within a park or another safe environment. This will allow the child to relate to others and to the rules of the road.

Bicycles without pedals are useful to bring your child outdoors, to improve his mobility and to promote his independence. Also, around the age of 3 or 4, after learning to use the bike, the child will be ready for a real bicycle without going through the “bike with wheels” phase.