Additives … give it a rest !!

Additives … give it a rest !!

We reveal from which ingredients it’s best to stay away and which ones are harmless and safe…
Have you ever wondered how many additives you eat in a year? More than 5 kilograms!!

An English research explains that almost 75% of our diet is made up of foods that are somehow industrially treated…chemicals can also nuzzle in products that are more innocent and then, how you can defend yourselves?

Some simple tips for getting into the mystery of the supermarket

And, how to avoid them?
Along with many additives to watch with suspect, there are just as many that instead are certainly harmless.
Natural derived have no problem like green color chlorophyll (E140) yellow carotenoids (E160) or riboflavin (E101).
Those from which is better to stay away are the additives synthesized solely by industry for example

E 122 Azorubina, E 102 Tartrazine for yellow coloring.

Avoid polyphosphates E 452 with the only function of increasing the concentration of water in boiled ham or cheeses, E 621 flavor enhancers present in stock cube or in chips, nitrites and nitrates (E250-251) used as cured pork meats preservatives.

We find colorants such as caramel, known in some sugary drinks, but the list doesn’t end here…there are the ADDITIVES, GELIFYING, STABILIZING, sometimes even with very complex names, which are nowadays in most foodstuffs.

Alginic acid and its salts (Na-, K-, CA-, NH4-),
Alginated propylene glycol,
Carob seeds flour and guar flour,
Arab rubber, adrenergic, xanthan, tare,
Starches and modified starches.

For an ADDITIVE-FREE nutrition…
Always check the labels, avoiding the products with too “glowing” colors
Try to limit the consumption of canned or ready-made products, sweeteners (preferring the honey).
Stay away from candy and gummies, preferring dark chocolate
Avoid margarine and prefer extra virgin olive oil.