9 foods that cyclists cannot ignore

9 foods that cyclists cannot ignore

In addition to training hard, to maximize your performance on the bike, the cyclist can not give up on a balanced diet. The right foods, taken at the right time, represent a remarkable help in terms of resistance and energy recovery.
Here are the 9 foods that cyclists can not ignore.

Banana is the ideal fruit when you plan a long bike ride or when the temperatures are high and there is a risk of sweating a lot. Potassium contained in the banana allows to reintegrate the leaks of mineral salts.

Perfect as breakfast before biking in the morning. Oats ensure full load of carbohydrates and fiber, ensuring long-lasting energy.

3.Peanut butter
That one fat-free or added sugar is a good source of vitamin E. Although peanuts contain a lot of fat, they are “good” fats that lower blood cholesterol levels and make the immune system stronger. In addition, peanut butter is rich in protein.

Broccoli are a source of calcium, folic acid and vitamin K. Their main feature however is related to vitamin C that is able to reduce muscle fatigue after a long pedal.

5.Natural yogurt
Perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Natural yogurt is rich in essential amino acids and if eaten after training it speeds up the process of energy recovery. It contains a lot of calcium and probiotics that preserve the function of the intestine.

6.Dark chocolate
Two or three pieces of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa is a great snack to make you feel good. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

7.Whole wheat pasta
Whole wheat pasta is a source of complex carbohydrates that release energy gradually over time. This helps improve performance and endurance.

A small cup of coffee is ideal for receiving a charge of energy, and it also hydrates the body.

Potatoes are a potassium source with very few calories. Additionally, a sweet potato can satisfy the daily vitamin A requirement of an adult. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, improves vision, strengthens bone tissue and immune system.