7 tips to cycle into traffic

7 tips to cycle into traffic

The idea that cycle into traffic is dangerous is widespread in our country. In fact, abandoning the car in favor of the bicycle, at least for short daily trips (home Рwork, home Рsupermarket, home Рschool), is not such a terrible operation as you think.
Of course is not risk free, but no more than falling from the stairs. It is essential to keep your bicycle in perfect condition with working brakes and lights.

By letting go of the helmet, which according to the law is optional, but which we strongly recommend, to achieve a satisfactory degree of safety try to put these 7 tips into practice.

1.Dynamic pedaling
Cycling in the city means experiencing braking and steady restarts, for this quit the long, quicker speed ratios and relay on an agile ratio that will allow you to move your legs well. The right pace is between 90 and 100 pedal per minute: you will be quicker to get out of potential danger situations and to get around the cars.

2.Avoid rush hour
Much of the city traffic focuses on two hours: 6:30 – 8:00 and 17:00 – 20:00. Avoiding these hours allows you to pedal more easily on lighter roads and therefore less dangerous.
If you need to get out right in those hours, because they also match your working hours, follow the next tip.

3.Longer but safer
The shortest route between your home and your destination is not always the safest. Sometimes to avoid traffic at peak times it is best to stretch the road some km, perhaps passing through residential quarters (much quieter than the main avenues).
Going a new or longer road is also a good idea to break the routine. Before embarking on a new route, however, prove it when you have free time so you can safely assess whether it’s a safe road or not.

4.The power of the eyes
In addition to using your eyes to look right and left, use them as a dissuasive weapon. Bicycle is normally at a disadvantage compared to cars and then when at a crossroad or a roundabout you are in trouble fixing the dangerous car driver straight into his eyes. You will see that you will notice yourself and will pay more attention.

5.Be determinate
The road is for all so do not be afraid to occupy your space on the carriageway and openly signal your intentions whenever you turn right or left.
To be hesitant is nothing to do, to be determined in your travels greatly reduces the level of danger of pedaling on the road.

6.Recognize the situations
The attitude of motorists, heavy-duty drivers, pedestrians … is rather standardized: once you are accustomed to recognizing the most common situations and learned to avoid the dangers that come with, your security will increase a lot.
Ex:You cannot look in the eyes of a motorist because his looking down? Maybe he’s sending a message and paying attention only to the phone, wait for his eyes to look up the road.
Ex: Does a car proceed slowly and accelerates only for short stretches? Probably it is someone who does not know the road or an elderly person and should be treated with due caution.

7.Respect the rules
The first responsible for your safety are therefore avoiding cutting off the road to cars, burning red lights, doing maneuvers without signaling them. Just respect the Road Code, even when it seems to you that no one else does it.

Remember that be obsessed with the idea of danger does not help you. When the brain focuses on an object or idea it dedicates to it its entire concentration. So do not focus on the fact that the roads are dangerous or how many cyclists are victims of world accidents or you’re going to make mistakes.